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“Maja: The Forgotten Woman” — a must see!


A review of a beautiful project by Anna Bartos regarding the Tonadillas by Granados…


“Maja” is Spanish for a woman from Madrid. Spanish artist Francisco Goya is famous for his paintings of “majas.” The most celebrated ones are “La maja desnuda” (the nude maja) and the “la maja vestida,” (the clothed maja) Goya also painted a full-body picture of the 13th Duchess of Alba, María Cayetana de Silva, with whom he was having an affair. Many assume that she posed for the maja paintings. Watch the video below for some samples of Goya’s paintings, and Granado’s musical selection La maja de Goya.

Enrique Granados, a Spanish pianist and composer,  is most famous for his work Goyescas, which is based on Goya’s paintings. However, he was not the only one to compose about la maja. Ricardo Villa (Canción de la maja for voice and piano) and José Padilla, with Oliveros and Castellvi, (La maja, el rey y el…

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