Review of Espana alla Rossini in Scherzo magazine

Review of Espana alla Rossini in Scherzo magazine

“It is well known the relationship that Rossini had with Spain, as he was married at one point to the soprano Isabel Colbran, had an intimate friendship with the Garcia family, spoke Castilian, composed for a Spanish public using characteristic themes of the (Iberian) peninsula for several of his (compositions) pages.  Here are we have 16 brief numbers, which are easily understood as being as salon music, although said with all due respect as it belongs to the great Giaochino of Pesaro. They are works for the occasion, and we all know how much advantage he could take of said occasions.  Its enough to give a look at his Sins of old Age, as he himself called them.  The fountains (from which the material) can be easily discerned to the ear, and its exquisite treatment is evidenced.  Rossini was inevitably gracious, melodious and amorous to the voice, and ingenious with the piano. It includes the dances tirana and bolero, religious inspiration, the breaking of love and the furtive (love) scene.  It is always Rossinian, with that all is said.  The interpreters have given care (to the pieces), know what this style asks for, and the sound of the pianoforte gives the atmosphere the color of salon and the peculiar flavor that helps to transport ourselves towards the airs of this infrequently heard music.  For its document and profesionality of the labor, it deserves many lauds”.

Blas Matamoro, Scherzo magazine, January 2016



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