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Poster for “Latin American Song: A Panoramic View”


I asked the Spanish artist and graphic designer friend Sergio del Toro to help me with a design of a promotional image for my upcoming concert of Latin American Song:  A Panoramic View with pianist/composer Max Lifchitz in Manhattan with North/South Consonance, Inc. this coming October 27th. The recital is comprised of composers from all over Latin America. The idea of the map was mine, but Sergio developed the idea of the interconnecting lines symbolizing how Latin America is united through culture, language and of course music.

Sergio wrote me a few lines about the concept of the poster he created:

“Anna tenía muy claro lo que quería reflejar en la imagen. La idea inicial del cartel era mostrar un mapa al estilo de las antiguas películas de aventuras, una especie de ruta de viaje a través de los países de Latinoamérica, en busca de un tesoro musical, con un toque “vintage”. Tras haber realizado un primer cartel y tener el visto bueno, no pude dejar de darle vueltas, de imaginar un mapa diferente. Finalmente, intentando respetar la idea inicial, pensé en las canciones cómo hilos de unión para dibujarlo, tejido por las canciones, la colorida y cálida multiculturalidad siendo guiados, además, por la rosa de los, vientos. Así entre varias comunicaciones en la diferencia horaria, se creó la imagen del concierto”.


Anna had a clear idea of what she wanted the image to reflect.  The initial idea was a poster that showed a map in the style of the old adventure movies, a sort of trip route thru the different countries of Latin America, in search of musical treasures, with a vintage touch.  After making the first prototype and seen it as a good effort, I could not stop thinking of a new idea and imagining a different kind of map.  Finally, trying to respect the original idea, I thought of the songs as threads of union to draw (the map), knitted by the songs, colored with the quality of multiculturalism that are guided, besides, by the compass rose.  So it was, with our various communication efforts and difference of time between NYC and Spain, the image of the concert came into being.

The concert is presented by North/South Consonance, Inc. in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, and takes place on October 27th at 3 PM at Christ and St. Stephen’s in Manhattan. Free Admission:
For more information please go to: